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Virtual Data Rooms vs. File Sharing Platforms

Thanks to the technological developments of the 21st century, access to the internet is almost worldwide. As a result, we can communicate on a much wider scale, and owing to this new possibility, business can be conducted from anywhere in the world. However, companies cannot complete complex deals verbally, nor are they legally binding. Therefore, […]

Why and How to Use a Virtual Data Room for an IPO?

Many privately-owned businesses go through the Initial Public Offering process, as they want to obtain more capital by selling new-issued company shares to the public on the open market. To conduct and complete the IPO, companies have to meet all Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements. Additionally, to list their shares on a stock exchange, […]

A Guide to Choosing an Investment Banking Data Room

Virtual data rooms come in handy in many industries. Investment banks, in particular, find a very distinct set of advantages that comes with ultra-secure data storage and remote governance. But how do you choose the right banking data room? What is a banking data room? An investment banking data room is a digital platform that […]

Why Use a Virtual Data Room for Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

You wouldn’t buy a car or house without properly examining your purchase. So why would you purchase commercial real estate without doing your due diligence? Perhaps because the task is onerous, and there is so much involved. Simplify the task by using a tool like a virtual data room. What is commercial real estate? Commercial […]

How to Choose a Virtual Data Room for Startup Fundraising

Fundraising is the backbone of any startup. That is what the development (or setback) of a business depends on. The tech market intelligence platform CB Insights claims that 29% of failures come from insufficient funding levels. Consequently, startups must go to great lengths to attract investors. There are various guidelines and tools for finding and […]

What Is a Data Room? Physical vs. Virtual Data Rooms

What is a physical data room? A data room is a secure space for storing confidential documents, typically for large, legally binding business transactions. A data room is used not only for storing sensitive documents but also for secure file sharing, reviewing, and auditing.  A physical data room is usually set up as a separate […]